Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yarn Along -22 May 2013

Yarn Along again this week.  Nothing too fabulous to share this week.  I did finally finish the Barbie dress (well it still needs snaps).  It is so ridiculous that the old ladies at Market sell these dresses for like $5!  It took me nearly 3 days (working off and on) to finish this.  No wonder people won't pay proper prices for my knitting.

Yarn Along -22 May (1000x750)
Working on the socks for Christmas.  And look what I found when I was doing some organizing in the 'sewing' room??  A ball reel Astra!  Pre-gauge change and before the quality went down-hill.  I used to love knitting with Astra, but now I do my best to find other yarns.

I've got to take the truck in for servicing tomorrow, so I'd better make sure I've got my knitting with me.  I'm going to be first in the shop but they didn't know how long the repair may take.

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