Friday, April 12, 2013

Farm Girl Friday -12 April 2013

Farm Girl Friday
For Farm Girl Friday I was going to share the signs of spring around the farm.  But this is what we woke up to:
April 12
We didn't get as much snow as they had forecasted.  In fact, it barely covers the grass.  It was a bit icy when Grandpa came over at 6:30 but the plows have been by since.  I'm not sure why everyone is freaking out about it being cold and a bit of snow.  It is only April in Ontario.   I've had snow on my birthday in May for goodness sake!  There's a reason most of Ontario shouldn't put out plants until the May 24 weekend.
nature walk
Tuesday was a nice sunny day so Ella and I went for our first nature walk of the year.  One good thing about the old railroad bed, it has good drainage and isn't a mud-bog this time of year -unlike most of our yard!
grandpa's house
Grandpa's house across the field.  Nearly all the snow was gone.  Disturbingly though, there is very little water sitting in the fields.  That's how desperately dry the ground is still.  If we don't get the right amount of rain and the right times we could easily slip back into drought.
On the way to Almonte Wednesday we passed a field with a bunch of adorable baby goats.  They were so cute.  It was hard to get a picture because the Momma's started moving them away as soon as we pulled up the car.
spring -chicks
I forgot to tell you that we had some chickies born on March 18th.  
new chickies
They are really growing.  Momma is very protective and it was really hard to get a clear picture of them.
And of course it wouldn't be spring without THOUSANDS of geese trampling down our fields.  Geese are really bad for fields.  Their big flat feet really compact the ground which makes the water pool and makes it really hard for planting.  Not to mention all the crop damage they do when they arrive after things have sprouted.
geese 2
Wow, you should hear the noise when the geese all take off!  It's nearly deafening.  We've got some hunters that want to come in, so hopefully they will encourage the geese to keep moving on.

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