Monday, April 15, 2013


breaking dams
For our nature walk today we turned right and headed toward the river.  Ella showed me every dam that she and Daddy opened up.  As you can see there is obviously a ditch.  I don't know what the railroad guys were thinking pushing all that dirt and rocks down there.
spring flood
Friday's snow is finally bringing the river water levels up to their usual spring levels.  They have flooded the swamp and are creeping across the bottom of the fields.  After last year's drought, it's good to see 'excess' water.
This is the old bridge over the 'mighty' Snake River.  We are not allowed to cross it.  Colin says it's very not safe.  The ski-dooers cross in the winter (even though this isn't an official rail trail yet).  Colin says if they could see under the bridge they wouldn't do anything so foolish.  I wish the bridge was in better condition, this is a much nicer direction to walk (through pasture fields for miles) as the other direction leads to road and the highway much too quickly.
daddy's barn
Daddy's 'old' barn that we passed on the way home.  It's just used for storage.  We have to keep the lane way gate closed now because 2 summers ago it was used for some naughty adult behaviour that we don't want to happen again.
animal tracker
On the way home Ella was a mighty tracker trying to find a new animal.  We followed tracks and spotted a 'fur sample' but the mystery animal alluded us.
And just in case you thought I was a drama queen over exaggerating the water/drain situation, yesterday the water here was over Ella's boots (I wonder how she found that out!).  She said yesterday there was enough water here to swim in -guess who can't wait for summer and the pool?

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