Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -14 March 2013

Farm Girl Friday

I finally gave in and gave Ella a recorder.  Oak Meadow curriculum have wanted me to be doing music with her all year.  I just wasn't ready.  But Ella has taken to it fairly quickly.  Unlike the 'instructions' say, I'm teaching her the actual notes and how to read the music.  Ella's mind doesn't really do well with the 'just play along' school of thought.  She likes her music/art/etc to turn out 'like it's supposed to'.  She's not into abstract -just like her Momma.

Well she decided to write a song yesterday.  And she's given me permission to share it with everyone.

Animals I See in the Lane
I saw some animals in the land
It was a fine day, Tuesday
I had a day
I saw some animals on the side of the road
It was a fine, fine time
They looked sad
I never saw these animals before, they were brand new to me
I went back home to play my recorder
I was late for my recorder practice
Momma got me in the car
I saw the animals again
When I got to recorder practice, everyone said "ha ha, that's the girl that thought she saw animals on the side of the road"
I played my favourite song "Little Animals"
I remember when Momma used to sing it to me
It was a beautiful day, Momma and I were heading home
I didn't see the animals again
It was a strange day
At 9 pm I was still thinking of the little animals
I was thinking of them until 1 am
Momma woke me and asked if I wanted to pick roses in the garden
Oui, oui, yes, yes
We had a great time
Just me and my Momma
phfr 14 march
My helper putting away the eggs.

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