Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yarn Along -20 March 2013

Happy First Day of Spring!!!
first of spring
Um, well maybe not just yet??
Let's move along to our Yarn Along post instead:
Yarn Along -20 March
I'm working on an Icelandic shawl.  Ella has a textile class starting this week and I'm being very wicked and making sure I have a really cool project to work on myself  :)  The area has a number of Guilds, so I want to be able to impress.
I'm sorry the colours aren't showing up well on the computer. There are actually 4 shades of purple/blue in this shawl. Try the link and see if the colours are better on Ravelry.
Reading another Yarn Harlot book Things I Learned From Knitting: ...whether I wanted to or not.  It's OK, but not fabulous like her other books I've read.  In fact I've only read one passage out loud to Colin and haven't even laughed out loud.

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