Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Knitted Year in Review

ggirl knitting
I always like to look back and see what I've knitted over the last year.  Sometimes it even surprises me how much I can accomplish.

2 pair of felted Ice Harbour Compass mittens
February Baby Sweater  and Bonnet for the little one that ended up a boy, oh well Momma can save it for her next baby  :)
Ella's birthday socks -reminds me, February 1st is coming fast!
Baby sweater #2 in case it was a boy
Shelly the turtle
hat for Momma
cabled shrug for SIL Elizabeth -she loved it
Sophia the bunny
February baby sweater with heart bonnet -still can't sell in online store or at market??
felted floral purse for my Mom -really don't like doing intarsia
Icelandic shawl -sold at market for a little over cost, but the young couple was so adorable and he was buying as an anniversary present -I'm such a softie
shrug -for our niece Brittany, she's 14 so I couldn't tell if she liked it or not
Tree of Life in Winter Shawl  for my MIL Isobel.  She would have loved it.  We laid it in her coffin with the pictures of her grandchildren.
Fairy House for Ella's little friend Lily
Welsh Country Socks for Colin -used the pattern idea but Colin sized yarn.  He's always surprised Christmas morning to get knitting he didn't know I was making.
February Lady Sweater for a friend at the market.
"Jayne" Hat for BIL Stefan.  It's from the show 'Firefly' and supposed to look like that.
Tardis hat also for Uncle Stefan.  I couldn't just give him a 'plain' hat.  He's such a Dr. Who fan I couldn't resist making this pattern for him.
bedspread for Ella's pen pal Sophia.  She has lots of doll houses and I knew she would love a lacy spread.
the never ending shawl, this poor wool was about 3 different patterns before it became this one.
Snow family for my Mom -a hit this Christmas
mini Christmas stocking ornament -for my Advent swap
mini key ring purse -for the swap
sock book mark -for the swap
2 Christmas balls -one for the swap and one for me
nun tea cozy -for the swap
little hedgehog -for the swap
cable scarf for my FIL Jack
Snow family for the swap
a whole flock of tiny angels -for my friend Michelle
Orenburg shawl -final gift for the swap
Hour Glass Cardigan for my sister Belinda
woodland critters for Ella's nature table
socks for Michelle
Witch tea cozy for my friend Teresa
American Girl cape for Ella
sock for me and me
socks for BIL Glenn
dress for Olivia, Ella's new doll
fingerless gloves for Ella's dance teacher
Goose Girl tea cozy for Stefan's mom

Of course there's a few projects still on the go, but they're for next year's list.

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