Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Blues

I've never really been one to understand Christmas blues.  Not the way most of society seems to feel them.  I mean, I know Christmas isn't here and gone in one day.  We celebrate the whole season of Advent and then all Twelve days of Christmas.  Usually by the end of the Christmas Season I feel rested and renewed, ready to start the New Year.

This year looked liked any other.  My Christmas Countdown was well in hand and things were ticking along perfectly.  We were enjoying our Advent and preparing for the holidays.

And then we lost Colin's Mom and everything seemed to fall apart.  We completely lost a week between the hospital trips and the funeral and I wasn't able to catch up.  Nothing got baked.  I barely even felt like decorating -I'm not sure I would have if it wasn't for Ella.

It seems like 'the Christmas that wasn't' this year.  Yesterday I actually found myself thinking 'it's almost Christmas'.   

Now it's time to take down the tree and put everything away.  Time to start school again (totally not ready for that).  I have to get Ella's kilt, blouse and vest made by the 26th when they have their first performance.  The upstairs is a disaster because I was trying to sort out the extra room and it's everywhere.  I need to make some dresses for me (I only have 2 'away from home' dresses).  I really should start thinking of Ella's Easter dress, especially since it might be her first Communion too.  Not to mention dozens of eggs to wash every day now (please come buy some).

And just because things aren't crazy enough, Daddy and I talked last night and Ella can't play outside any more without supervision.  The coyotes and wolves have gotten so bold I'm terrified to let her out by herself.  They are in the barn yard and on the driveway in broad daylight.  They have no fear of Colin.  So now I'll have to freeze my backside off so Ella can play, armed with my trusty baseball bat.  At least I found some new winter boots yesterday.

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RenJac said...

I am with you, I was not totally ready to start ds schooling lol.
It was so nice to have the days off we did.
I knit but I crochet more, as a matter of fact I have not knitted in a couple of years lol.
WOW! A Huge kite .
I really really love your blog :)
warm,and cozy reading it...

Blessings to you.