Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -12 July 2012

Lots of Happy and Funny to share this week.
The other day we had such a beautiful cool morning Ella decided she needed to go for a jog  :)  We were going to walk down to the highway and back (about 15 minutes) but...
we kept being followed!  Nothing I tried would make the cats stay home.  So we decided to take our 'jog' along the old railroad tracks.  We walked most of the way over to the neighbour's driveway.
Ella found seven old railway spikes that just had to come home.
Sophia has started bringing her little kittens up to the house.  There are two dark grey ones (in the picture).  The third little light grey stripy one is off exploring.
This little one is quite curious too.  Luckily the bucket was empty.
Tune in tomorrow for the Real.

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