Friday, July 13, 2012

Farm Girl Friday -13 July 2012

Yesterday during my Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post, I promised you guys the Real today for Farm Girl Friday.
This is what a good corn crop should look like.  Ella's standing a couple rows in (wearing a pink windbreaker), but it's so nice and thick you can't see her.
This is what the sweet corn looks like this year:
This sweet corn should be ready to pick in a couple weeks!
You know the drought is really getting bad when even the weeds are having a hard time.

Right now it looks like our entire sweet corn crop is done!  That means that we are going to be out thousands of dollars that would have bought our groceries this coming winter (plus the $600 that was spent on seeds).

The vegetable gardens are doing pretty well, but that's because Colin spends large parts of his days dragging around hoses and buckets full of water.  The tomatoes are great, they like these dry days -so long as the roots get moisture.

This is what the garden looked like in August 2010.  So lush and green!
The field crops look just about as bad.  We desperately need rain REALLY, REALLY soon.  Food is going to get extremely expensive this winter/next year.  You do know that there is only about 2 weeks' worth of food in the grocery stores?  

They are finally calling for rain on Sunday, lets hope it actually makes it up here and lasts for a week  :)

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