Friday, July 27, 2012

Farm Girl Friday -27 July 2012

Farm Girl Friday finds me in a much better frame of mind than the last while.  Like most of the continent, Renfrew County has been under drought conditions for most of the summer.
On Monday we got a glorious 1/2 inch of rain.  It’s too late for a lot of crops but still in time to save some others.  Yesterday it drizzled on and off ALL DAY.

See those lovely drops of moisture on my clothes line.  They may not be doing much for the crops, but they have done a world of good for my soul.  The temperature has been so beautiful all week.  We even closed the windows over night one evening!
This grass was brown, it hasn’t seen a drop of water since the last time it rained. We never waste sprinkler water on grass.  I’m not sure why people worry, the grass may be brown but it’s just dormant and waiting for a bit of rain.
Let’s hope we have about a week of rain.  And then some more in a  couple weeks.  It’s such a relief to have a break in the heat.

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