Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yarn Along -1 August 2012

This week for Yarn Along I'm working on a new shawl.  This is the same yarn I tried to use back in February.  I sure hope it turns out this time because I've already knit it into another shawl that I didn't show you girls.  It was a great pattern, but I was going to run out of wool.  So now I'm using the two colours to make this shawl.
It's been a fairly quick knit, though the edging is going to take a bit longer.  Every row is patterned and it's not easy to remember.  I love the wool from Knit Picks.  They have such beautiful wool and reasonable shipping too.

I'm looking through Crafts Through the Year for some seasonal ideas.  Our nature table has been rather empty this summer.  Everything's been so dry and dead looking, I just haven't wanted to bring it inside.  I was wanting to make some 'corn dollies', but Daddy forgot to grab us some wheat before Grandpa combined the field.
I've been meaning to make one of these cuties since Midsummer.  I think she turned out well.  It was Ella's great idea to use the centre of the flower for a hat. Now our nature table has a bit of sunshine.

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