Friday, June 15, 2012

Farm Girl Friday -15 June 2012

Wow, Farm Girl Friday already!!  The Farm Girlie remains under the weather, though her throat is feeling much better.  She even woke up hungry.  Unfortunately she now has a sick tummy, though we think it might be more hunger and too much sniffing.

Things in the gardens are looking much better.

The beans are coming along nicely.  We get the hot weather they are calling for and we should see blooms soon.  The dill should be ready for the Deep River Farmers' Market next week.

Carrots -Yum!

And of course, the piece d'resistance:

Tomatoes!!!  I can't wait for them to ripen.  I'm tired of buying tomatoes.  Though I must say, Walmart has been very good  at having Canadian or at least American tomatoes all winter.  There was only one or two times that I couldn't buy tomatoes because they were all Mexican.  Which is more than I can say for No Frills -they are just now starting to carry Canadian tomatoes.  This drives me crazy because Colin's uncle is in the fruit business and they grow tomatoes ALL YEAR down by Windsor.  They have to sell their tomatoes to the States.

Now all we need is for the right amounts of rain at the right times and it looks like a great year.  But isn't that what farmers say every year  :)

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