Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Fun

Ella's feeling much better.   She's still a little stuffy, but that's ok.
Another beautiful in Renfrew.  It was bright and sunny but not too too hot.  I really like the new location.  It was much easier to drive the truck into place instead of trying to back down the road (because another vendor was taking up too much road to drive in).    I'm not sure where the customers were??  It was such a quiet day.  Luckily my friend Teresa and her son Terrance came out and kept me company.  It would have been an even longer day if I had been alone.
Where were Ella and Grandma?
They were getting ready for the Princess Tea Party in Pembroke.  Boy, Ella was worried she would be too sick to go.  She's been waiting for 2 years to be old enough for the party.
Ella and the Queen.
And of course, today is Father's Day.
We got Daddy a new (and bigger) tool box.  Ella was quite taken with the special spots on the lid (the yellow) that open for nail/screw storage.
Of course, we got him his 'Daddy shirt' too.  It's a picture from Great Wolf Lodge.  Ella looks so pleased with herself, eating the ice cream sundae she made.

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