Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pretty Unhappy Reality

Not much happy and funny going on this week.  Yesterday Ella was cranky and complaining of a sore throat.

This morning she woke up with the worst sore throat 'in her entire life' and she 'felt like she was 50'.  Ella was one unhappy girl.  Not only does she feel terrible, but today was supposed to be our homeschool trip to the Petawawa Pioneer Village.  Ella's been looking forward to this since it was arranged back in April.  Daddy suggested we take him later in the summer and that helped.

Grandma took our girl to the clinic this afternoon and the RNP is fairly sure it's strep throat.  She took a culture so hopefully we'll know for sure tomorrow before they close for the weekend.  You know Ella's sick when she doesn't even want ice cream.

I hope Ella's feeling better soon because she has a Princess Tea Party on Saturday.  She's been waiting for years to be old enough for this.

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