Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yarn Along -9 May 2012

Yarn Along this week is still the shawl from last week.  It's come along quite quickly.  I'm halfway finished the lace edging.  But, just like the last shawl, I'm not sure it's big enough.  I know I need to block it and I said it was a shawlette, but I just don't know.  I'll be trying it on today and then we'll see.  I also have to weigh my ball of wool to make sure I have enough to finish.  I really don't want to 'wreck' the second ball by using a few yards.
I've been tossing around the Once a Month cooking idea.  Though I think I would more use it for occasional meals, not every day.  I don't buy pre-made frozen meals but some days that would be handy.  The one book is Frozen Assets.   A lot of her recipes seem to be tomato sauce/ground beef based (with lots of repetition), which isn't bad but I wouldn't want to eat that all the time.  The other book is Once a Month Cooking, it has quite a few interesting recipes.  I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle a whole day of cooking, my kitchen is terribly small.  I will definitely copy out a few recipes before the books go back to the library in June.  Any of you freezer cook?


Emily Fay said...

The shawl is beautiful! I do some freezer cooking - though they are mostly crockpot meals rather than a once a month, and it's nice to have it to throw into the crockpot on any day and have something simple and easy and quick! Have a blessed week ~

Conservative Knit Mom said...

WOW--That shawl really is breathtaking--what an honor it would be to wear! SO much love and time is going into each stitch. OAMC--that is something I would love to try. I would love to cook for one day and eat for a month. I am going to check out both books--we eat a lot of goulash lately and Frozen assets sounds like something we could use! Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by my blog this morning--I used your advice and felted the heck out of my water bottle carrier. You were right--it did need to be felted more. It turned out great!!!

Paula said...

It's hard to know when to stop felting. I do it in the washing machine and it usually takes 2 cycles. Once you lose the stitch definition, it's usually done. Glad it worked out for you.