Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Not only did I have a lovely birthday lunch with Ella and Grandma, but we also had birthday supper with Colin's family.  Ella and Jared even got along well :)  I was even able to make it to knit night were the girls there had some lovely little surprises for me (I even got some yarn and a new/old knitting book).  I felt very spoiled.

Saturday morning Colin whisked me off for the weekend.  I wasn't expecting that.  Our friends Joe and Carol were booked up for the weekend so we stayed at a different location.  It's called Linden Pond Cottage and is lovely.  It's about 20 minutes from home but feels a world away.

It's just beautiful.  It's an old horse barn that the owner John bought and moved and renovated.  As you can see though, I'd never be comfortable bringing Ella here.  The pond is literally 5 ft from the back door and goes straight down -I'd be a nervous wreck.  But as a Momma and Daddy escape it's perfect.
Downstairs is the living room with wood stove and full kitchen (with mini gas stove).  And upstairs is the bedroom with queen size bed, which feels luxurious when you're used to an antique double.  There is another sitting room outside of the bedroom with a pull-out couch.  The full bath is also upstairs.
This cool grate is in the bedroom.  I believe it's from an old schoolhouse.  It lets the heat up from downstairs.
Spring has arrived in Eastern Ontario, the trilliums are brightening up the woodland.  The black flies have arrived too.  They weren't too bad if you stayed in the breeze.  Boy I'm glad we don't have to deal with them at home.
I should send this picture to my aunt, the school teacher.  All my childhood she's said there was no such thing as a red trillium.  But then she also tried saying hummingbirds didn't land and I've seen that too.
It's so nice to get away from the farms and truly relax.  Even if it was only for a day.

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