Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yarn Along -11 April 2012

I have a new project to share for this week's Yarn Along, but it's a FO not a WIP  :)  I forget how I stumbled upon the pattern.  It was so easy and was finished in no time.  It also comes along with a pattern for a purse insert to help keep everything organized.  I still need to felt the bag.  I'm hoping there will be room to keep my traveling knitting project in here too.

Still working on Grandma's purse.  Not sure why this is taking so long to finish.  Except that I don't like to purl.  I am much faster knitting then purling.  It's also not quite the right tension and makes my wrist sore after a while.  The colour in this picture is much more accurate than last week (we actually had sunshine).

I'm not reading this yet, but soon hope to dive into the Hobbit.  As you can see from the picture, this won't be my first time.  The last time Colin and I went to the movies, we saw in the previews that The Hobbit is finally coming out as a movie.  It's not being released until December, so I should have time to finish the book -not because it's a hard read but because I don't find much reading time.

This cartoon came in a knitting email the other day and I just had to share.  This is so me  :)  Check out here for more knitting/yarn related cartoons.

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no spring chicken said...

Oh, me too. I hate the feeling when I find myself somewhere I'll be sitting for a bit and realize that I don't have any knitting with me!!

Your purse is looking gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing how the blue turns out.

Blessings, Debbie