Friday, April 27, 2012

Farm Girl Friday -27 April 2012

Sunday I found my Farmer busy in the greenhouse.  He's getting all the rest of the market garden seeds going (at least the first phase of them).  He discovered that we've got 20 different kinds of pumpkins/squash this year.  The farm stand should look fabulous this fall.  Now we just have to wait for the soil to warm up after this bit of rain.  Colin wants to get the 5 acres of sweet corn planted soon.
Farming can't be all work, so sometimes the Farmer and the Farm Girlie find a way to get in some fun.
It was so windy Ella and Daddy to her kite for a fly out in the field.  It's always so surprising how little she looks when she's out in the fields.  It was so windy Ella had a hard time standing in one spot.  As you can see, the cats had to come along too, though most of them were at my feet  :)

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Diann said...

I so wish I lived close enough to buy from your stand!
The new little pullets are soo cute!