Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yarn Along, Knit Along and Stash Augmentation

Busy Yarn Along post this week.

Yep, that's right, I'm working on my Dad's toque again!  I finished the last one and Colin said it felt big.  Since my Dad doesn't have any hair I didn't think it would fit.  So I started again.

My KAL sweater is coming along nicely.  I actually ran out of knitting to do on it this weekend because I forgot to bring my double pointed needles.  I'm not sure what I'm thinking about this sweater though.  I like the pattern but it's not knitting up to the size it's supposed to.  And yes, I did a gauge swatch (always do).   It fits Ella perfectly right now, depending on what she's wearing and so long as she doesn't grow.  I'm not sure what to do.  I also don't like how the stocking stitch part rolls.

And now for the stash augmentation part of this post.  Over the weekend I was able to hit 3 really nice yarn shops.  All of them child-free!!!

First stop of course was Tina's in Bowmanville.  The purple James Brett Marble is for the 5 Hour baby sweater. (I'm not actually starting it now, but that way I can share the pattern)    Baby's coming in March but Momma's not finding out so I have to knit pink and blue.

Next stop was The Purple Purl in the old Toronto neighbourhood Leslieville.  It's a cute little store and just around the corner from a big park.  We left Ella and Uncle Stefan at the park and went shopping.  This wool is for my felted mittens.  I usually try to buy the same brand when felting, but the girl at the store thinks they will play well together  :)  This is also where I picked up the Coastal Knits book.  What beautiful sweaters.  My sister and I want to make nearly every one (well me make, her wear).

Last stop was at Creative Yarns, basically around the corner from Auntie Belinda's house.  I was able to get the yarn I need for the Knitivity book (which I am not starting before Christmas).  The top 3 sock yarns are for the wise men, the off white is for sheep and the grey is for my donkey.  I picked up the other colours from House of Crafts in Pembroke (Kroy sock).  There should be enough wise man yarn leftover to make Grandma some more socks.

Ok, I know this isn't yarn but it's adding to my fabric stash :)  The blue is more periwinkle in person and will be an everyday dress for Ella.  The wine and the Christmas material is for a Christmas dress for Ella.  It is also a prime example of why I'm not creative, I just follow instructions well.  It took me 15 minutes to come up with this fabric combination, even though the pattern shows wild and crazy!  I love the Fabricland in Scarborough.  It's actually across the road from Creative Yarns and unlike the Fabricland in Pembroke they actually sell dress weight wool/suiting.  They had a gorgeous flannel wool, just what I have been looking for, unfortunately it was a terrible yellow/green.

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