Thursday, November 17, 2011

KAL Update and other Things

Hurray, the Phoebe's Sweater KAL (knit along) is officially under way!  Boy I envy the ladies doing the little size sweaters.  I have loooong rows of stocking stitch!  I like the slip stitch pattern along the bottom.   It gives a fairly basic sweater some 'weight'.

I've almost got the first 12 inches done.  Then I think we start the waist shaping.  I really like the colours of this yarn.  But I do not like their big sloppy balls.  I've already had to rewind this one.

When we were first married I used to try and make all kinds of meals to leave in the fridge/freezer for Colin when I went back home.  He never ate them!  So now I leave the house full of food but Colin has to put them together himself.  In other words, he lives on peanut butter and honey sandwiches  :)

I do try to make sure he has munchies to eat.  So yesterday I made 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies.  Hopefully that will last him through the weekend.  I also made a smoked ham for supper, he'll nibble on that over the weekend too.

I hope I've packed enough knitting.  It's terrible to run out half way through a visit.

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Becks said...

Wow all those cookies, how long do you think they will last ;)
Love the yarn you are using, purple and green is my favourit colour combination.