Friday, July 22, 2011

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Progamming...

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming, there won't be a Farm Girl Friday post this week.  The farm girl has melted and is trying to find somewhere cool.  What kind of crazy province goes from -45C to +48C (118F) with humidity???  These are about the only times I miss working, our office was so nice and cold in the summer -sigh!

We had a fabulous visit down to Scarborough.  Auntie Belinda is really making the house look like a home.  She has a perennial border down either side of the front walkway.  In a couple years it will will fill in and be gorgeous.

Sunday we dunked Ella in the sunscreen and headed to Centreville on Toronto Island.  Even though we lived in Bowmanville all my life, we never went to Centreville.   Ella is the perfect age/size for Centreville this year.  There was only 1 ride she could not ride.  A few required an adult to go along, but that wasn't a problem.

A favourite ride was the antique carousel.  This turn around Ella tried out the ostrich.  Ella had so much fun on the roller coaster.  I finally have someone to go on the wild and crazy rides with me and now I don't like them so much any more.  I was is a bit of a car accident in university and since then my balance isn't what it used to be.  So getting spun and tossed around isn't the fun it used to be  :(

Waiting for the ferry.  The crowd on the island was fairly large, there was an India Festival going on.  But the crowd at Centreville was perfect.  Ella got straight on every ride or only had to wait one turn.  Unlike Canada's Wonderland, we didn't have to wait for hours.

I would definitely recommend Centreville for anyone in the Toronto area with little people.  You'll have a blast.

The main reason for going to the city this time of year is because it's Great Grandma's birthday at the end of the month.   We usually come early because we can't leave Daddy alone during sweet corn season -just too much work for one person.  We got Great Grandma a pretty stain glass hummingbird wind chime.  She loves hummingbirds (Great Grandpa did).

Not only did I pick up my supply of yarn but we also went to St. Jacob's Market and the fabric store.  I got a nice pile of material for Ella and I and we picked up some gorgeous fresh peaches and yellow plums.  It's still early for peaches so I was only able to get a small basket, not the big bushel one that I was hoping to get.  Though with this heat I'm glad I don't have to be canning a bushel of peaches.

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