Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Hate Lunch

I hate planning lunches.  I think that's the worst part of menu planning, trying to think of 14 lunches!  I guess that's why our lunches are so repetitive.  I find a few that work and we just keep having those.  It's also hard with Colin farming.  Lunch can't be too light, even in this heat we have to have something sturdy enough to see Daddy through to 3 or till supper.

Now supper is another story.  I love to cook supper, especially when I can do a roast.  Even my Mother-in-law says I cook a roast supper better than anyone she knows.  She even likes my turkey -she doesn't really care for any one else's  turkey, even her own.

Today we had a break in the humidity so I went ahead with the menu plan to cook one of my big local chickens.   I forgot to roast the garlic this morning so it's just going to be regular roast chicken and dressing.  I love nothing better than to have a dinner party or family event, then I have  a good excuse to put a big beautiful roast of beef or pork in the oven.  Add to that some easy sides that don't need much attention and I'm all set to enjoy our company.
I don't believe in 30 Minute Meals, who would want to spend that much time making supper.  Just throw a roast in the oven, baste it once or twice (or not), then make a couple of sides before it's done.  I don't understand why you would want all that fuss and bustle just to make supper!

I love to buy our meat locally.  I do it as often as we can afford.  Sometimes I have to buy the cheaper Canadian beef at the store -but I make sure I buy Canadian beef, most of the meat at grocery stores is American.  No offense to my US readers, but your farmers are allowed to use a lot more 'stuff' when raising meat animals than Canadian farmers and I try to keep my money in the country when I can't keep it in the county.

We were thinking of raising meat birds this year, many of our pork customers have been asking.   But Colin got so busy this spring he didn't get a chance to build a suitable spot.  We don't have any 'extra' outbuildings, so a coop would be all new construction.  I lucked out and found a friend was raising meat birds and so will get my new supply from Lynn.  I don't know why, but local chickens cook so much quicker than store-bought.  I know part of the reason is my gas stove, the heat is much more even.

Oh yeah, you do know what to do with the carcass of your chicken, right?  Turn it into the most delicious chicken stock ever.  Just stuff the bones, skin, fat, any bits leftover from carving into a large crock pot.  I'll throw in some onions and other vegetables if I have any handy.  Fill to the brim with water and turn it on and let it run overnight.  Boy does the house smell good in the morning.  Sometimes I will even run the crock pot for a second cycle.  Does that ever bring out the flavour.  Strain the broth and put in Ziploc baggies for future use.


menatra said...

I agree with you about the store bought chickens taking longer to cook. Our home grown chickens take no time at all.

We also use the bones etc for chicken soup. I don't make it thought because boiling the bones just turns my stomach!! It's the only thing in the kitchen I won't do. LOL!

Paula said...

Funny what one person likes and the next doesn't. I love waking up in the morning to the yummy smell of chicken broth. Makes me hungry.

Lindsey said...

Does Ella eat everything you make? None of mine are really into meat, unless it's hamburger or chicken. It gets tough sometimes cooking a huge meal that only two of us eat... That's where we get our lunches though ;)

Paula said...

Feeding Ella is getting so frustrating. Even the usual stuff she used to eat, I just never know. Some days she doesn't even want pasta. Ella likes meat -so long as there is no sauce or gravy. I don't mind cooking a big meal when Colin is around, it's hard to make anything when Colin's not home for supper. And now we add this heat -ugh!