Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yarn Along -13 July 2011

Aaaaahhh, such a relief today.  We had a break in the humidity last night so we actually got a good night's sleep.  Today if you get in the right spot it's almost cool (hurray).

This week for Ginny's Yarn Along I have some finished projects to share.  Well they are almost finished.  I need to sew in the ends and the bag needs to be felted.  The bag is another Christmas present crossed off the list.  I've also finished a toque for Uncle Glenn.

The sweater is finally finished.  I'm not a fan of how it is written, it seems a bit confusing.  I also had trouble with the hand painted yarn.  To keep the pattern looking right, I had to use both balls at the same time.  Two rows from each ball throughout.  Slowed down my knitting, but looks good.  I think I may make one for Ella too.  Our house is cool in the winter and you can never have too many pretty sweaters.

This week's book is a new one.  I got it through the Interweave site, they had a 'hurt book' sale.  This book has beautiful patterns, I can't wait to get started on something new.

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