Friday, July 15, 2011

Farm Girl Friday -15 July 2011

Today's Farm Girl Friday will be mostly pictures.  Summer has arrived and there is so much to do.  Everything is so beautiful.  I love being a Farm Girl.

A sure sign that summer is moving along, the chicory is blooming.  I love blue flowers.

Beans, glorious beans!!  I could eat fresh green beans everyday and not tire of them.  They are also a great seller at the Market.

The roses are coming along.  They took a bit of a hit this winter and aren't blooming as well as they are usually.  This is a David Austin rose, an old English variety that doesn't need fussing -my kind of roses.

The delphiniums are looking beautiful this year.

Daddy tried letting some of our chickens loose in the yard, so that we could enjoy watching them.  Four chickens later, Daddy realized that our cats are too good of hunters for loose chickens  :)  But over at Grandma Isobel's house, her cat is well fed and too lazy to chase chickens.   We are eagerly awaiting some excitement any day now.   The hen has made a nest under the lilac bush and is sitting on half a dozen eggs.

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