Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Much happier post this week for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.

I can't say I never get help unloading the groceries.  Smokey is always there and happy to help.  He'll even help with the groceries in the backseat.

Have you ever been to Newfoundland?  Mom and I went there in 2000 to do some family tree research.  These rose bushes run wild in Newfoundland.  Wandering around the old cemeteries you can't help but step on roses.  You even have to pull the roses off the stones to read the writing.  Before you call MNR, this rose actually comes from Cape Breton, so I didn't bring any Newfoundland soil to the mainland.  This little rose started as a little stick on the side of the road.  It was so delicate I wasn't even sure it was going to make it home.  Not only has it made it home, but it survived the move and is loving it up here.

This our Real picture from last Friday.  This is our booth at the Petawawa Farmers' Market.  I couldn't believe the water lying around.  Petawawa is basically a giant sandbox.  I figured the water would have soaked right in and been gone.

Any ideas what Grandpa is doing with the front end loader??

He's attempting to fix the way the 'professionals' at Whitewater Region 'fixed' our  side road.  I wonder how many boulders they turned up this time.   I don't know why they insist on just grading our road.  Colin has lived here for 41 years and his folks have been here since 1963.  In all that time Whitewater Region has never put any gravel on Poff Rd!  They just keep coming and digging up the road and dragging the grader around.  In about a week Poff will be back to normal and will be too dangerous to drive more than 40 km, even though side roads are supposed to be 80 km.  If it's been raining, we don't use it at all, unless I'm driving the truck.

The girls over at Like Mother, Like Daughter don't have their post up yet, I'll link up once theirs is ready.

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