Friday, July 1, 2011

Farm Girl Friday -1 July 2011 -Happy Canada Day

I'm going to start this Farm Girl Friday post with a question.  How do you farm girls get your laundry, especial whites, clean?  We have very hard water (hard enough to stand on-ha ha) and I can't seem to get anything really white.  Colin's dress shirts have dirty collars -and I just washed them (and dried in the sunshine).  My white blouses are positively orange from the sunscreen!!  Yet another reason I hate wearing sunscreen.

Please help!!

Now for something to make a farm girl happy:

My sewing machine back from the machine doctor.  It had a tune up and cleaning.  Now it works great and is as clean as new.  I don't think it's been this clean in years  :)

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Niki said...

I ordered Mrs. Stewart's liquid bluing for my whites. it does help. Google it for the website :)