Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Rain, rain go away come again ... in about three weeks!  We really need this weather system to move along.  Still not done with the corn and the soy bean fields still have water sitting in them.  If the don't drain soon MNR will declare them a wet land  -haha!


This one is pretty and happy!!  My lilacs are finally flowering.  They usually flower for my birthday, but at least it's not June  :)


This is a very happy sight.  Colin dragging the rolling harrow around the field.  If it weren't raining today he'd be planting corn.


The kittens are growing like crazy.  Soon they will be climbing out of the box.  Daddy is going to put some bales of straw up in the alley so they won't wander into the pens with the pigs.  They are so cute.

This picture is for everyone that thinks Ella is always smiling and fun.  This is the face (and attitude) that we had to deal with for the 2 days we were building her 'big girl' furniture.  The one day I finally figured out that I was a bad Momma, because her crankiness was because she needed fed.  Ella ate very little at lunch and was out of steam.  I also think this weather isn't helping her attitude much.  I tend to get headaches when it's overcast and I think maybe she does too.

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Kimberly said...

Soon, regarding a picture of me in the apron... It's been rainy here for the last couple days, when we can get outside for pics, I'll have someone take one {yikes! I don't like my picture taken!!!}

Jess said...

Loved this post!

Paula said...

Kimberly, get Emmalie to take your picture. My most favourite pictures of myself were taken by Ella. I think her love comes through and makes the pictures look good.

Welcome Jess!