Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yarn Along -25 May 2011

Woo hoo, only 7 months to Christmas!!  Should I duck?  Are you throwing things at the computer??   :)

This week's Yarn Along is a continuation of last week.  I'm starting to finish the shawl for Grandma.  I have  changed the lace edging, I didn't like the way the leaf edging was wanting to lie.  I am now using one of my Russian edgings.  Being garter stitch, these edging always lay flat.  This shawl is going to need some severe blocking to look good.  I should be done the knitting soon.

Last week at Knit Night, the Eganville library had a large table of books for sale (for donation), they were kid books so I came home with an armful.  Right now we are reading "The 14 Forest Mice and the Winter Sledding Day" by Kazuo Iwamura.  It's a fun little book, unfortunately I was only able to get 3 seasons.  Someone must have beat me to the Summer book.

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