Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just Because

Isn't this a great picture.  I've seen this picture here and there for years.  Mother is dressed just the way I love, if I ever get my body back.  And of course the red-gold angel hugging her neck doesn't remind us of anyone  :)

I never thought I could share this picture online.  It's an obscure German print that has hung in our home since my cousin (well Grandma Rees' cousin) died when I was in high school.  But I found it online today!!    The site I found it on had no information for it and called it 'unknown'.  My print has all that information, but it's written (and printed) in German and I have such a hard time to figure out the Gothic lettering.  If anyone who reads my blog could help, I will make my best guess at what's written.  Yahoo's babelfish doesn't work well if you can't get the letters right.

I have always loved this picture.  It came from such a dear sweet lady who just adored my sister and me.  She lived alone in her childhood home (Duggan Ave in Toronto) and had the most amazing back yard.  It was all garden and seemed like its own world.  A great place to be a child.  I always wanted a back yard like hers.  I brought this picture with me in the truck when I moved up.  I wasn't trusting it to the movers, this picture and Great-Grandma's sideboard were both entrusted to Colin's tender care.

Hope you are all having a great Sunday.  Ours has been partially sunny, but completely dry!

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