Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Big Girl Room

The last little while we've been busy making Ella's bedroom into more of a big girl room.  We finally bought Ella a wardrobe.  Until now all her dresses hung on the back of her bedroom door -her room has no real closet.  That's worked well until lately.  My girl is getting so tall that her dresses are starting to drag on the floor  :)

  It was two long hot days trying to build the cupboard.  I don't know why it's always so hot when we have to do stuff like this.  It was overcast and I had such a headache too.

One good thing with this room change, the cupboard more or less covers the spot where Ella (a few years ago) pulled off the border.  The first couple times I glued the pieces back on, but then some got lost and I gave up.

Here's the cupboard and bookcase all together.  Not bad for 2 days work.  Two doors are closet space and the third door is shelves for undies and sweaters and what not.  I'm glad we finally got her bookcase together.  Now I can get MY bookcase back!

We re-arranged the furniture too.  Ella's room is so small that the furniture only fits in one way.  I'm not sure why these pictures are so blurry.  Maybe it was the headache  :)

And yes, there is room in this bed for Ella.  This pile of stuffies is actually smaller than before.  Ella picked a few to donate.

Ella was less than fun these two days.  I think she might have been fighting a headache too (Momma my brain hurts as she says).  This is the attitude we had to deal with.  Not much help!

But she loves her new big girl bedroom and loves having the bed in a new positions.  She says it feels like a new room.

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