Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yarn Along -2 March 2011

Yarn Along time.  You should see the cute sweater Ginny has made for her girls' dollies.  I may have to check that pattern out, Ella says her babies need more clothes.   I'm making a sweater for Ella.  It's my first time making a Sirdar pattern hopefully it's not so confusing as some of the Sirdars my friends have made.  I'm changing it to knit circular as I don't sew seams if I don't have to.  I'm using the purple Marble (DK) that I picked up at Log Cabin Yarn in Northbrook.  It's acrylic, but that's what Ella is willing to wear right now.  I just have to shake my head at some of my friends that refuse to knit with acrylic because it isn't wool -then they wonder why their kids won't wear/play with their stuff.  I always offer Ella a colour choice too.  She has her opinions and they are as valid as mine, we don't always use her choice but she's entitled to them.   It's like with her doll Maggie, ever since I got the book Ella has wanted this dolly so I made it and she loves her.  I have friends that make rather odd looking dolls (which are kind of creepy looking IMO) for their kids and wonder why the kids don't want to play with them.

Yesterday's mail brought my new Interweave Knitting Traditions.  This book is even better than last year's book.  I want to make/use just about every pattern.  I will admit that I actually have a few of the patterns in the original Piecework magazines (love that magazine).  But now I have them all in one place, that way if I ever have to thin down the collection I only have to keep the one magazine and not risk losing the best patterns.

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