Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ella's Blog Post

I was actually told to put most of these pictures on the blog today.  First is a couple of pictures from last night.  Ella was busy in the kitchen and made up some ice cream sundaes.  Here's mine:
Please ignore the mess on the desk.  It's Daddy's desk and I just let the piles pile until I can't take it then I clean it for him.

This mess is mine, it's been so cold lately I haven't been wanting to go out into the summer kitchen to put the 'tupperware' container or egg containers away.  And once a couple of things sit on the table, every thing seems to multiply.  Here's Ella and Daddy reading the newspaper waiting for supper.  Ella was doing a great job reading the letters for Daddy.

We are getting more snow this morning.  Ella will be happy though because Daddy says it's good packing snow.  We'll have to head out this afternoon for a while (depending on the temperature).

We went to Ottawa Thursday to do a little shopping.  I had to return some wool and bought some more (giant surprise).  We went to Michaels and picked up a few things.  They have a great selection of items for only $1.50.  I was able to pick up some Christmas presents for my MIL and Ella found this little guy.  I think he's made of silicone and is a balloon-type critter.  He's a hedgehog and Ella calls him Hedgie.  Ella took this picture too.

Here's my picture, it doesn't need any explanation.


Lindsey said...

Ella looks *exactly* like you there.
Shaun and the kids made a snowman today too. Apparently its name is "Olivia the King".

And Colin's got you figured eh ;)

Anonymous said...

Um, I think your in some serious need of warmer weather!!! Oh, and she's 5 now!!!

Diann said...

Wow, that sundae looks amazing! Great job! It's cute that Ella wants to blog, too! I love it! :)