Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is yesterday.  I didn't get a picture when we had the loonie sized flakes falling sideways and we couldn't see the neighbours.  We ended up with about 6 inches of snow.  The sun finally came out about 4.    Though with my migraine I really didn't care.

Ella was stuffy but didn't feel as bad as she was letting on.  We made a tent and she spent most of the day there.  She had a pajama day, she likes to do that when she's not feeling well.  She's playing her Kinnectimals game here, driving an RC car.  It's so cute watching Ella trying to teach her tiger tricks.

Luckily, Grandma came over mid-afternoon.  My head was ready to explode and Ella was driving me crazy.  With Grandma here I was able to take a tylenol 3 and not worry about falling asleep.  Grandma took Ella to dance for me too.

I'm feeling much better today.  My head still hurts but it's now down to headache size.  A few more Advil should take care of it.  Ella's still stuffy but not feverish, though she's still trying to milk it for all she can get.

We had a gorgeous day today.  Very mild and very bright.  It's nice to see the sun and know it's not -40C  :)  Though with March coming in like a lamb we all know it's going out like a lion -I'd rather have the bad weather now and not in almost April.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are better, it's such a relief to see another adult enter the picture and be able to take things that will end the headache...Hmmmm, I wonder if our cold weather from last week, finally made it over your way... Ha! I know what size a Loonie is, I probably have some tucked in a drawer awaiting our next trip to BC!!! Late winter snows can be so wet and heavy. That's the kind of snow we get here most often.

Ah let Ella milk it! They are kind of cute when they're a little snuffy like that.

Paula said...

It's definitely cold here, the wind is crazy. Yes, we finally got some wet snow and now Ella's sick and can't play in it. Though it will likely hang around for a while yet.

Ella's cute when she's sick, it just becomes less cute when I felt terrible. That's why it's so good that Grandma can come over and rescue both of us. I feel sorry for the women who can't or won't get help.