Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yarn Along -16 March 2011

Another week at Small Things.  I need to post earlier, the list is getting long -great to see so many other knitters.

As you can see, Ella loves her new knee socks.  She says they are very comfy.  I'm still working on the purple cardigan, need to get back at that.  Ella's showing off our new books.  The last of my gift card order finally came in, I'm not pleased with the shipping from Chapters/Indigo.  I'd much rather order from Amazon.  Something else I noticed is the prices of books in store at Chapters is much more than the online prices.
Ella's book is the Girls Book of Flower Fairies and she loves it.  It came yesterday and we've already read about half.  She even gets to use her Strawberry Shortcake bookmark.   My book is Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders.  It has lots of ideas for one skein projects and no, they aren't all baby projects or socks.  Though there are a few projects that I wish I had seen when Ella was a baby.  Oh well, I can always knit them for her babies  :)

Ella and Daddy having a snuggle before Ella heads to bed.  Daddy's still in his barn clothes so he's not allowed on the new chesterfield .


Momma and Ella having a snuggle last night.  The last few years Ella has become much more snugly.  As a baby and a toddler she didn't want to be held much -I think she thought we were always trying to get her to sleep (half the time we were).  The new chesterfield is perfect for snuggling.


Lindsey said...

NICE couch!

Paula said...

Yes, Colin can stretch out and the rest of us don't have to sit on the floor :)