Thursday, March 17, 2011


Over on another blog, my blog friends were discussing how we all wear our hair.  I was asked to take some pictures so here they are.  It was hard to do since I don't like taking pictures of myself.

I have very fine hair, but luckily I have lots of it.  Every 2-3 years I get a spiral perm to try to give it some body and life, otherwise it is very straight and thin looking.

My hair has finally re-grown to the length it was when Colin and I married.  I haven't been to the hairdresser for years, just can't trust the ones up here.  I asked for an inch off the bottom and came home with my hair barely reaching the middle of my back!  I will sometimes get my bangs trimmed 'professionally' because they can get wonky doing it yourself.  I'd like my hair to get a bit longer because I would love my braids to be waist length.

 Usually you will find me with two French braids (or just one if I'm feeling lazy).   As anyone who knows me knows, I am plagued with headaches (and the occasional migraine) so I don't wear my hair up very often and almost never in a bun.  If I do need to wear it all up (keep it out of the jam or something) I will wear it in a coronet.   This is where I wish I had thick beautiful hair (like Colin), this style would look much more impressive with heavy thick braids.   Any way, I just braid my hair and wrap it around my head.  If I'm wearing my scarf I use barrettes to do most of the holding, but if I'm not, I'll use 4 Amish hair pins (3 inch length) to hold everything. 

Wearing my hair up like this makes wearing a scarf easy.  It holds the scarf securely and doesn't need any clippies. I love the Cecily style by Garlands of Grace.  They use a velvet ribbon to help hold the scarves on.  If I'm wearing it with my hair down, I need two clippies to hold everything secure.  

I noticed today that I'll have to start braiding my hair further down on my head.  My hair is longer than the last time I put it up.  My greys are starting to become more obvious.  Luckily I take after Dad's side of the family and have gotten this old without being grey.  Mom's family tend to go grey early.  I can't remember a time when Mom didn't have at least some grey hair -and she was only 23 when I was born.

Poor Ella has even finer hair than her Momma and has inherited the life-long fight with cradle cap that her namesake (my great aunt) had.  I wish I could find something to take care of that, it makes such a mess of her scalp and does nothing to help her hair look thicker.  Poor pumpkin has eczema too and it's really driving her crazy these days.  Ella's hair is finally long enough to put into two little braids, she loves looking like Momma.

I've had short hair over the years and usually can't grow it out fast enough.  It's so much easier having long hair.  I just brush it and braid it and then I'm ready for anything.  Besides, Colin loves my long hair, so it's here to stay  :)


Anonymous said...

In the last few months I've been keeping my hair shorter and layered. It was quite damaged and it's becoming thinner {going bald, yikes!} the greys started when I turned 40, I was hoping to be like my Dad, who still has dark hair! I kidded that I have to have an "old lady" hair do now...

I recently had a little colouring oops, so it's sort of a reddish brown at the moment. I only occassionally wear a head scarf, when I'm out more in spring and summer I'll wear one more often.

I used to cut/trim my own hair all the time, but with the new layers, I have to have it done at by a hair dresser. I still do the colouring myself, although with the recent oops, maybe I should be rethinking that!!!

For the cradle cap, this may sound gross since Ella's hair is long now, but if you rub olive oil onto her scalp it will help.

Paula said...

Yeah, we do the oil thing when it gets too bad. I was just hoping one of you lovely ladies would have a more permanent solution for Ella.

My sister colours her hair all the time. She's had quite a few oopses over the years. The girls at the office always say how beautiful her hair is, I usually don't comment on the mistakes. When we got engaged, I actually put in a request that she have blonde hair by August. I wanted her to look like my sister in the wedding pictures :)

Lindsey said...

Ha - I learned a long time ago not to ask a man's opinion on my hair ;) Shaun thinks he knows what he wants, but when I come home with the opposite he always loves it.

Paula said...

Colin says Shaun is smart.