Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Out

You may have noticed I was a little quiet this weekend.  That's because Colin and I escaped for a day away.  After chores we packed up and headed out to our favourite get away spot (in Renfrew County).  We stayed the night at Twin Wheels Farm in Brudenell.  Joe and Carol have such a beautiful spot with log cabins made by Joe.

The cabin is perfect for a couple or a small family.  There are two rooms with 2 queen/double bed.  There's a fully equipped kitchen and dining area and living room.  A small tv picks up a few channels for those who just can't miss their news (Colin)  :)
We always take the B&B option because we enjoy visiting with Joe and Carol, but the cabin can be completely self-sufficient too.  It really helps make the vacation dollars go further when you can do the cooking yourself instead of having to eat out all 3 meals.

We headed into Killaloe for lunch.  There's a cute little diner there that's stuck in the 50's.  They have delicious food.  We did find a little traffic. This is a small flock of ducks.  They didn't want to move.

Luckily the roads weren't icy.  This is the hill down to the highway.

This is the railroad bridge in Killaloe.  It's been turned into a beautiful park.  Part of a rail-trail I believe.

Along the way to Killaloe you pass through Old Killaloe.  There is a really cool looking old grist mill.  It's for sale and Colin thinks it would make a great B&B.  There are lots of beautiful scenery in this part of Renfrew County.  It's very heavily wooded and there are always log houses and barns to see.

For supper we headed into Wilno.  We ate at the Tavern and I had some very yummy perogi and cabbage rolls.

We had a very relaxing weekend.  It was hard to come home.  But not really, we had to get home to clean up the living room because this was arriving:
We have a billboard on our property and the rent is due every February.  We try to use this money for something fun, so this year we replaced our tired old chesterfield.  This baby is leather (on the fronts) and reclines on both ends.  Now Daddy can put up his feet without taking up the entire chesterfield.  It's a little tall, my feet are even further from the floor, but it's very comfortable.


Diann said...

Your weekend sounds lovely and very romantic. Glad you two could get away for a little alone time!
Enjoy your new chesterfield!

Anonymous said...

That's nice that you two got away!!! The new sofa is lovely, you'll all enjoy the the reclining feature!!

Paula said...

It was a great time, if only one day. We've actually booked up a long weekend in the summer. Ella will come out for a day then go home with Grandma so we can have the rest of the weekend :)

Colin has already tested out the chesterfield. He fell asleep watching tv last night :)