Thursday, February 24, 2011


Bit of a busy day today.  Ella and I went skating this morning.  She is doing so much better now that she uses both feet.  Then we headed to Pembroke to go to the Bulk Barn and a few other things.

Colin and Dad are busy combining some more corn.  The meltdown last week cleared enough snow from the field for the combine.  It's really dry now.  Boy, it sure was throwing heat in the corn stove last night.  Colin should save this corn for when we get cold again in March.

  I've been busy washing eggs and dishes.  The chickens seem to be picking up production and the new chickens seem to be laying well.  Their eggs are getting much bigger.  Even the new banty eggs are getting up to 'regular' size.  This is from two days.

I was just thinking I hadn't shown you what the new chickens look like now that they aren't balls of fluff.  This is our rooster.

Yes, I know he looks like a Barred Rock but he isn't, this what the Harco Black S-x Link rooster is supposed to look like.  He has a much nicer personality than the Chantecler roosters.

And here is one of the ladies.  Some of them are much blacker, but it's even harder taking pictures of chicken than of children  :)  As it was I had to take 5 pictures of this one to get one fairly clear picture.

I am seriously considering getting some meat birds this year.  There would certainly be no question about selling the birds, we are always being asked if we have chicken.  What I need to find is the easiest way to raise them.  Colin doesn't have any more time, so I need to find a method that Ella and I can handle -keeping in mind I'm a city girl and Ella's 5  :)  I'm not worried about 'finishing' the birds as we have a guy that goes from farm to farm taking care of that end of the process.
Ella's mountain took a real hit in the mild weather and now it's too soft to play on, that and she'd be landing in the muddy yard.  But I think we are supposed to be getting more snow in the next few days.  I'm sure she'll be out climbing mountains in no time.  Hopefully the new snow will be a little wetter and Ella will be able to make a snowman this year.

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Anonymous said...

Friends here say their chickens are beginning to lay well also, last night I noticed it was daylight until nearly 6pm! It is very cold here this morning. Our neighbourhood did not receive the large amount of snow that some did, everyon is in the deep freeze this AM.

I hope to post a a post today, we have all still had this horrible long dragging cold virus....