Sunday, March 20, 2011


The first day of spring is finally here!!  Although I love winter and hate  summer, I do look forward to spring.  It's nice when I can open the windows (the ones that actually open) and can air out the house.  Here's a picture that shows spring is definitely on its way:


Mud Season

We're you expecting flowers poking through the ground or even buds on branches?  Yeah, this isn't southern Ontario  :)  Though I'm sure our friends in London have lots of things starting to grow.

We have actually seen a couple of robins yesterday and today.  It's nice to see them back.  Less welcome are the herds of Canada geese (yes I know it should be flock, but it just doesn't do the numbers justice).   Coming home from church you should have heard the birds singing.  Our poplar tree was nearly black, it had so many grackles sitting on the branches.

If you remember last year we were a little worried about the water levels.  The river beside the house was really looking bad.  This year things are looking much better.

Colin and Dad need to finish up the corn in the front field.  We have a spring creek that cuts through the bottom end of that field.  If they don't get out there soon the corn will be swimming and they will lose the combine in the mud.

Colin has already transplanted a lot of the seeding from last week.  They popped up so quick and were ready to move into a pot.  He'll be starting some more soon.

We went to church in town this morning.  We don't have a permanent priest yet -not sure why, we pay a lot for the work they do and they get a great old house and free heat and such.  Every other week is morning prayer, which it was today.  Here's Ella getting all her hymn books ready.  She loves to follow along and try to sing the hymns.  Unfortunately, these new hymn books don't have the familiar, easy to sing hymns so it is hard for Ella to pick them up.  You'll notice the 'extra' books; her babies needed their own hymn books too.  You will also notice the 'pictures again' face -we're getting that face more and more some days.  I don't look forward to the teenage years.  Good thing I'm keeping her young as long as possible.

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