Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yarn Along and Show and Tell -19 January 2011

    Wow, I can't believe how many people are signed up over at Ginny's for this week's Yarn Along.  I thought I'd be one of the first  :)

This week I'm working on my felted purse/bag.  I should have it done soon.  I finished a pair of mittens for Ella (also to be felted).  I also finished the socks from last week.  Just need to sew in the ends.  We are enjoying Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury.  It's technically a Christmas book but some of the stories work for the winter too.  I love the drawings and designs around the pages. 

More proof that one person's trash is another's treasure: Ella used all the wool bits from her mittens to make streamers in her Animal Hosipal for Vanilla the cat's (bottom left) birthday.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Momma's scrap's treasure!!! Scraps of fabric that become carpets or bedding, that's a pretty creative use for the yarn, I haven't seen that one before!!! What's a girl to do with so much "treasure". I have a question about the super cold? How do you keep Ella occupied inside during those times, when she's not off to skating and/or dance of course? Tell us about getting out and about where it's so cold, icy and snowy. {for those of us who only occasionally see snow and ice!}.

Paula said...

I think Ella is in birthday party mode right now. She knows her special day is coming fast.

It's not that hard to keep Ella in on really cold days. She's not that crazy about freezing :) Today we made chocolate chip cookies and had a tea party with her good dishes. Also, now that we have the XBox thing, the Konnectamals game keeps her occupied and moving. She loves playing with her tiger 'Bow Wow'.

When we do go outside, Ella looks like she did on Sunday. I put so many clothes on her that she can barely bend :) Once she's out she has so much fun it's hard to convince her to come back in. We thaw out with a 'hot co co'.