Friday, January 21, 2011


Our little pumpkin had to have a couple needles yesterday.  We went to the Child Health Clinic in Renfrew and they were wonderful.  I was tired of the fumbling that goes on at the local clinic.  At CHC they only treat children and so are really good with needles.  Ella's a little out of sorts today, in fact she nearly got put to bed for the afternoon.  She opted for quiet time with Grandma. 

  After about an hour she perked up and they headed outside.  It's still rather cold out but at least it's bright and sunny. 
  Ella loves the piles left behind by the snow plow. 

Ella's feeling much better. 


Niki said...

Love the picture of Ella and her grandma. :-)

Diann said...

I love the pic of Ella and her grandma also! I miss having those little ones to hold - my youngest granddaughter will be 12 already this year! :(

Paula said...

Ella's 45 inches tall now. She doesn't fit on the lap as well as she used to :)