Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Fun

  You may remember that Ella got her first skiis from Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher for Christmas.  Well, we had some new snow yesterday so Daddy decided  today would be a good day to try them out.  Unfortunately, whoever designed these skiis either have never had children or else has forgotten how big kid boots are.  The plastic bindings did not want to fit over Ella's winter boots.  But with much (internalized) frustration, Daddy got the skiis attached to Ella's feet.

And off she goes!  They didn't last long, they fell off the second time she fell down.  Daddy's fingers were too cold to put them on again.  She and Daddy had a great afternoon playing in the snow.

  We finally got around to trying the popcorn that Colin grew this summer.  We were amazed at how well it popped.  Much better than Orville.  And it was so white!  Very yummy!


Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Popcorn sounds delicious right now!

I love the picture of Ella skiing.

Diann said...

Such a cute picture of Ella skiing! I love the cat waiting for her up the road!
We love popcorn, esp. the white popcorn. That's the only kind I buy. I don't like the yellow popcorn, it has such big hulls, it seems.

Paula said...

That's one of the kittens from the summer. He kept coming over and laying down to get petted and then ran away every time I got close :)