Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yarn Along Update

This is what I found when I got up this morning :                                                                                            

That's Figaro sleeping in my knitting bag!!  Luckily she climbed in very carefully and nothing was ruined.  Even better, she didn't eat any wool.  I had a Siamese cat that ate 5 feet of wool.  Luckily I had pet insurance and could afford the surgery to save her life.  Guess I'll have to make the bags a little more inaccessible or else put the cats downstairs over night since they can't be trusted.

I have a better Yarn Along picture this morning.  I love knitting for little people, it goes so quickly.  As you can see, I'm finished with the feet and starting up the let.  If these fit Ella well, I'm going to make her a pair of knee socks.  I've had some pretty wool for  her for a while.


Anonymous said...

I need to find a good yarn shoppe around here, one with experts on staff. You've said you knit socks two at a time, looks like your using a circular needle? I would like to learn both how to knit them in pairs and from the toe up, I like the curved arch also!!!

Your kitty cat is very smart! I like her, "why are you bothering me?" look.

Paula said...

I actually had a quick look around Google and you seem to be in a wool shop vacuum :) Try contacting the Seattle Knitters Guild ( They might know other places that aren't online.

I make socks two at a time with either one or two circular needles. Toe up and top down. Since you are a more novice knitter, try to find someone to show you how to do it. The books can be a bit confusing.

That said, give it a try if you are feeling adventurous.