Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yarn Along -1 December

Ginny’s back with this week’s Yarn Along. It was fun last week to see how many of my blog ‘friends’ did the Yarn Along on their own.

This is what was on my needles.  The hat is Berroco Ultra Alpaca (don’t tell Miss Itchy) and is a Christmas present.   Ella’s wearing her moebius from this Yarn Along week.  It’s acrylic Marble and turned out nicely.  In the picture is Santa’s elf Merry.  She comes to visit during December to report on Ella to Santa.  Not only does she keep track of Ella being good but she also makes gift suggestions to Santa.  Merry is a very tricky elf.  We never know where we will find her in the mornings.  Merry wanders around the house at night when everyone is asleep.  Sometimes she gets into mischief.

This is what is actually on my needles today.  It’s another hat for another person, made with the same wool.  I will try to make the hat a little deeper since this recipient is grown up.  The hat is lady size, but I find it a little shallow when I tried it on.  Since it’s December we’re starting into the Christmas books.  We are really loving the My First ‘Little House’ books.


Diann said...

Cute X 3!! I always love everything you make! The hat is especially nice! Hats itch me to death, so I would have to agree with Miss Itchy, even if it was a nice, soft yarn! ;)

Paula said...

Thanks Diann! I actually don't much like knit hats either :) More often than not I just drape my scarf/shawl around my head. Or I have felt (proper) hats -I love those!