Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First of December Fun

My friends Maureen and Stephanie had another craft workshop on Sunday.  This time the choice was rainbow gnomes or nativity gnomes.  Since Ella has known her colours for a long time I made the nativity set.  It was great fun and a lovely group of ladies.

Last year I read about a Momma that planned something Advent/Christmas related for all 24 day of Advent.  I decided to do the same with Ella this year.  So I have come up with 24 'things'.   There isn't anything too grand on the list, just the little things that make the season special.  Today we got out our Advent calendars (and filled them with the choice chocolates) and our Advent tree.   I got the Advent tree at the Pembroke Christkindlmarkt last year.  I've always wanted one.  Ella enjoys picking an ornament to put on the tree every day.

I know the whole nativity set shouldn't be out yet, but I think the nativity set looks good with our tree.  Besides I don't think the 'people' would handle being moved around the house -as I plan to do with our other nativity set.

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