Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Countdown -Week Six

We should all have our Christmas plans well in hand by now.  Our houses sparkle (or at least clean enough) and we are ready to start Advent.

To Do This Week:
  • Keep up routines to maintain clean house.  This is where I have problems.  I hate housework and have trouble making myself dust often and sweep every day.
  • Write and address final one-fifth of Christmas card list. Mail all cards by December 10th.
  • Complete the final one-fifth of gifts “to make” this week. If the gifts have not been completed, put them away for next year. Add any replacements to the master gift list.
  • Complete gift shopping. Wrap and mail any send away gifts by December 6th.
  • Begin family Advent observance.  Plan a special activity for each day.
  • Learn more about other holiday traditions.
  • Order special roasts for holiday meals.
To Buy This Week:
  • Purchase gifts for the final one-fifth of the master gift list, together with any gift substitutes for uncompleted “to make” gifts.  This does happen to me occasionally.  This I'm giving a lot of handmade gifts and so was very firm with myself to start working on them this summer.  Don't beat yourself up if you don't get something finished, maybe it would make a good birthday gift?  I've given people IOU's for handmade things before too.  I've not found anyone who minds.

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