Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2 -Candles

Ella woke up this morning and told me it was day 2 of Advent and could she have her chocolate  :)  I told her we had to wait till after breakfast.

Today we are putting a candle in our living room window.  I keep it in a hurricane lamp because our windows leak air and it helps keep little fingers away.

A candle in the window is an old Irish tradition.  Hundreds of years ago it was illegal to be Catholic.  The celebration of Mass was forbidden.   Irish Catholics would put a candle in their window to signal to any passing Catholic priests (also hiding) that they are welcome and can celebrate a Mass.   The Irish Catholics told those in authority that the candle is to welcome the Holy Family when no inn would take them.

This tradition continues, though for the second reason and not the first.  I love the look of candles in the window.  If I had a big Georgian house I would put candles in all the windows.

And just a word of warning.  If you have elves staying at your house for the holidays, you never know where you may find them.  This morning we caught Merry playing in Daddy's seed corn!


Diann said...

I never knew that about the candle in the window - very interesting!
And I think your idea of the roving elf is so cute! I'll bet Ella can't wait to see where it is each morning. You make things so much fun in your house! Ella is a lucky young lady!

Paula said...

Sometimes Merry moves around during the day when Ella is in another room or out.