Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yarn Along -3

This is the third week over at Ginny's Small Things.  I've been busy this week and don't have anything too exciting to share with you all.  I haven't even started last week's book.  This week I'm sharing one of Ella's favourites.  It's an Usborne, Farmyard Tales.  I like it because it's much like home.  I'm working on Ella's scarf, it's Marble DK in acrylic (shudder).  I will likely make the scarf a Moebius, they just fit so nicely and don't "fall off" as easily as a tied scarf.


Anonymous said...

What is a Moebius? is that like what we call a neck gator? You just reminded me that I was going to make some from fleece for my children, knit ones would be nice too...Thanks for the inspiration!!

Paula said...

I'm not sure what a neck gator is. A moebius is a geometric shape, you take a strip and curve like you are going to make a circle. Just before joining give the strip a turn and join. It makes a shape that has only 1 edge. Does that make any sense? Any way, it makes the scarf circle around your neck nicely. Rests over the head too if you like.