Saturday, November 6, 2010


Well, mice and moles actually.  I am lucky and the rats seem to stay out in the barn.  I went to get Ella's playdoh out the other day and found this.  That's right the bleep, bleep mice have eaten through the lid, eaten a chunk of playdoh and left a pile of poo.  Needless to say, Ella was less than happy.

We are being over-run by rodents this year.  It didn't help that we lost all the barn cats to distemper last winter.  It gave them a foothold.  We have gone through so much poison.  Before I get flooded with emails please stop and think.  We have 1000s of rats in the barn, Colin has actually been attacked while walking through the barns.  I have to wash and disinfect my frying pans before I can fry anything.  And I have to keep my tupperware IN tupperware to keep the poop out of them.  The mice also keep us up at night running in the walls and floors.  Not to mention the things that get too contaminated that I won't/can't clean and need thrown out and replaced.  Luckily, with the poison in the right places, we can keep most of the mice out of the house.  Traps don't do that!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

We had a single mouse terrorizing our house. We tried poison and the little stinker wouldn't touch it. We finally got him with a trap though. Oh, do I hate hearing them at night!

Paula said...

The way the poison disappears around here I don't know how any are still alive. Last night we had a squirrel in the bathroom wall!! It's driving my cats crazy.