Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yarn Along

My friend Maureen posted about a Yarn Along and I couldn't resist.  I made this morning's post earlier this week but it turns out to be timely  :)

I've been reading and enjoying All Year Round.  It is full of such great ideas.  I have about 5 knitting projects on the go -I don't know how people do it one at a time.  But these are the two most often knit things right now.  On the right are a pair socks for Isobel, my mother-in-law.  On the left is the start of Ella's Christmas stocking.  As you may recall, I just made a Christmas stocking, but after seeing others do the same pattern with a name I couldn't help myself.   Obviously I only work on the stocking after a certain Miss has gone to bed.  If you are looking for a stocking pattern this one knits up very quickly.

Just like when we were married in 2003 (a week after the giant blackout), it's a good thing I've got my Christmas projects basically done (this is the last pair of socks).  I found out on the weekend that my bizarre Mother and Daughter think that alpaca is 'itchy'???!!  How is this possible??  Alpaca is gorgeous!  Sigh, now the alpaca scarves I made them last year will not be worn.  So being the Dutiful Knitter that I am, I bought some Marble yarn (100% acrylic) at Algonquin Sewing Centre up in Petawawa.   The colours are pretty and at least they will wear them.  Now I have to get busy and whip up some scarves before it really gets cold.


Diann said...

Love, love, love that stocking you are knitting for Ella! :)

Paula said...

I turned the heel at Knit Night last night. I love this pattern.