Sunday, October 3, 2010

Deep River

We had a wonderful day in Deep River yesterday.  They had a one day farmers' market.  Oh my, we were sold out of bacon by 10:30 (market opened at 10)!!!  We had customers lined up 5 deep, in two lines.  We have never had such a day.  We sold completely out of pork by noon.  Luckily we had plenty of pumpkins too or we would have had to go home.  We also got to meet a number of our Deep River OVFC customers.  It's always nice to put a face to the name. 

  This was the scenery behind us.  It's the Ottawa River and the Laurentian mountains (Quebec).  I'm always amazed when I see the mountains.  When I was in school and we had to draw maps, the teacher always expected us to mark on the Laurentian mountains.  It's just kind of neat that something that was just a mark on the map is now in my 'back yard' - I know, I'm a geek  :)

Fall is in full swing in Renfrew County.  It was a very enjoyable hour drive to Deep River.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful setting. That's so great that you are selling out of product! People want goods straight from the farm, we are all tired to the middle men... Pumpkins have not done well in western WA this year, our favorite local market has fewer out and most are green at least on one side... Nicole went on a little overnight trip to an area that is famouse for pears, she brought me back a box, I get to can soon (they aren't quite ripe enough)!!! So excited!

Paula said...

We had a great year for pumpkins, after Colin did a lot of hand pollinating. Deep River was very beautiful, but very cold wind coming off the River.

Diann said...

Wow, so glad you had such a good day at the farmer's market! Wish I lived close enough to buy some of your pork! I love that gorgeous view behind you!!
PS. We'll be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving next Sun. at my daughter's house -- can't wait!! :)